A motionless blur
Speeding blight

Even God himself cannot stay
This endless plight

Force upon force
A torrent so swift

Cutting the land
Plowing silt

The biggest towers
Razed into the dust

It’s happened before
This is not the first

Cradle of civilisation
Mighty and vain

Cutting at it’s core
All it’s children slain

Words will not prise
Those fallen souls

From the hands of fate
Nor will prayers untold

Society crumbles
Foundations fold

And all it’s relics of old
Swallowed whole.


-Yash Chheda


Darth Vader <3 Chicago

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force...of Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force…of Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Innocence lost

Innocence Lost

(Photo: Daecho Park)

Endless bright
Glittering night
Seeds of elegance sown

Terrible sight
Fearsome might
The innocent bird has flown

Dreary day
Darkness plays
No place to call our own

Dusty shelves
Dainty bells
Do you hear the distant drone?

Falling dusk
Creeping rust
The evening filled with moans

Misfits all
Pretty doll
How the child has grown

Yash Chheda



This space I inhabit
Is neither here nor there
Hot and cold don’t exist here
Neither do dark and light

All encompassing, all embracing nothingness

There’s no logic more purer,
Though what it is I couldn’t say
This space is void
So I cannot show you the way
Emotions have their place
Though not here now
Now doesn’t really make sense,
What else is there?
Where will I escape to
When there’s nothing but me
There’s no despair
Neither hope, nor fear
For what needs are these
When they haven’t come into being
Timeless I could call it, eternal
Though there is no time

I am infinite
I am nothing
I don’t really exist
I simply Am


Yash Chheda

What Was The First Book You Fell In Love With?

The first book you fell in love with

Books, FTW!


There’s this meme going around on Facebook, where you talk about the books which have had a major impact on your life and then tag other book lovers to do the same. Here’s my stab at it.
Wow! This is going to be a tough one. There has been a book (or many) at every stage of my life that has influenced me, helped me through a particularly rough patch, or has had a major impact on how I see the world.

Whittling them down to just one is an impossible task. So, I’ll just list them all.


Secret Seven & The Famous Five
Enid Blyton has to be one of my all time favourite children’s authors. Being stuck in Bombay city, I spent many lazy afternoons sharing in the mysteries and adventures of these lots. I still have many of these books with me, not having the heart to part with them.


Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire introduced me to the world of fantasy fiction, and for that I’m ever grateful to JK Rowling.


A Brief History of Time explained the wonders of quantum time and space, and had many brain-frying moments peppered liberally throughout the book. PLUS, the book contains only one equation. Props to Stephen Hawking.


LOTR : No one comes close. This is the master himself. In comparison, I found the GOT books to be pretty blah. They have their moments, but most of it is pretty mechanical and formulaic.


The Fountainhead. I don’t think I have to say anything else about this one. Everyone will need the lessons contained in this book at some point in their life. Not recommended for sheeple.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Sheer brilliance, & funny as hell. Read this without laughing out loud at least once & I’ll pay you a thousand bucks!


And lastly, Moby Dick. The intensity of this book, and it’s forays into the human psyche and drives, as well as the depth of the characters portrayed, has to be experienced to be believed.
And that too written by Herman Melville, high school dropout. Written by a high school dropout, & studied in colleges throughout the world. 🙂
This book is the heavy metal of the literary world, and I recommend it to everyone. Read it ASAP!


Honorable mentions : The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The Four Hour Workweek, The National Geographic Magazines.


Plus there are a couple other books which are unmentionable in a public forum. PM me however, if you’re insatiably curious. 😀



What are the book/books that have had the most impact on your life?



Yash Chheda

Darkworld Chapter 1 : Insertion

In all his travelling, he had never come to a world anything like this..even close to this. He was quite disoriented and felt a sense of alertness…even fear.

There wasnt any light in this place…was it night? But he had a distinct sense that this was a normal day in this….place.

Looking up, he saw what appeared to be a black sun emitting some sort of light.

But if it was dark, how could he see? How indeed?

‘It’s places like this’, he thought ‘that stretch the limits of our limited language and familiar concepts’.

It seems to be a fact now that the truly alien cannot really be imagined by us.
He surveyed the eerie landscape stretched out before him.

And then he heard it. A strange, musical beeping. Bleep-bloop-bleep….

The ground was smooth as glass, and black like everything else in this mess of quantum weirdness.

Was he even in the same universe, with similar laws of physics and reality? Or had he, this time, slipped through the fabric of space and time altogether  into a parallel reality.

Too twisted to imagine.

He made mental notes as he looked, that he would put into his diary first chance he got, making sure he didn’t miss any details.

‘Right! How do I describe a world where there’s no visible light, but I’m seeing without seeing…’

Was he seeing psychically. Had a part of his sensory system come online that had no use back on earth?

He closed his eyes and everything went black. He couldn’t see with his eyes closed. ‘I’m definitely seeing with my eyes,’ he concluded as he opened them again.


-to be continued…