fight club


I love the movie Fight Club. I especially love watching it with a bunch of guys, with a few beers thrown into the mix.


I’ve talked to so many women who’ve watched the film & thought it was ‘a nice movie’. Comments about Brad Pitt usually follow. :^)


The conclusion I’ve come to is the overwhelming majority of the female audience couldn’t relate with the themes presented in it.


fight club pamphlet


I suppose the fair equivalent would be me watching the Ya Ya Sisterhood & being left confused by what I was seeing play out on-screen.


I’d argue that fight club is one of the few movies which deals with themes of male existential & spiritual challenges without giving into the trope of the damaged male who’s looking for salvation. While such nihilistic fantasies make for good drama, these films always overdo it. Men move on much quicker from loss, as long as they’re not trapped in circumstances which prevent future-orientation.


If I had to phrase it in one sentence:
Women play The Sims, men play Call of Duty


There is this huge divide between how the masculine & feminine each find meaning in life. Any self-development book or resource which overlooks this basic difference in drive & motivation will fall flat (and they do).


So with that out of the way, here it is, the totally for masculine men (& boys who want to become like them) Essential Reading List.


The List


















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