Kunlun Chapter 3 (excerpt)

He surveyed the magical land. He did not know how long he had lived here, & how long he would live to come. He had never met another soul, & frankly did not know if there were any like him. All he knew were the plants, birds, insects & small magical animals that lived in … Continue reading Kunlun Chapter 3 (excerpt)


An Ode to Venus

You inspire love & lust, your anger riles. Before cupid ever strung his bow, You brought smiles (& tears) To foolish young lovers not yet jaded, By the vagaries of a life not yet lived, Festivals held in your honour, Before mortals decided to intervene, Bring love forth to me again, So that I may … Continue reading An Ode to Venus


She flows all over the place.   She's hard to pin down. Rebutting every advance of mine. Expertly dodging & weaving, almost at hand but just out of reach. I'm her plaything, & she knows it. And she is mine too. I stubbornly hold my ground, refusing to be swayed by her charms. She gets frustrated … Continue reading Liquid


Women are strange creatures.   There are times when they rejoice in pain, and others when even the most beautiful advances are unwelcome. They flow with the tide of their own emotions, like liquid phases of the moon. Their diurnal rhythm takes them through an incredible spectrum of emotions, feelings & moods. I wish I … Continue reading Polarity


What is sex really supposed to be like?   Skinned knees, bruises, atleast one busted digit, scratches & a a marked inability of the female to walk afterwards. Primal. Animalistic. Raging. Urgent. Violent. Wrists rubbed raw, hair pulled hard. Noisy. Frantic. Thrashing. Submissive. Overpowered. Lofty dreams rooted to base desires, longing for, lusting after release, & … Continue reading Free

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Dressing Well for Indian Men

One thing that has been a gamechanger for me is to never buy individual items, but to always buy complete outfits, and buy colours that go together with each other so you can mix & match. Another very important thing you need to do is choose colours according to one's skin tone. Dark colours look … Continue reading The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Dressing Well for Indian Men

Historical Books & Essays on India

A Selection of Books A Brief History of The Indian Peoples - Sir William Wilson Hunter (1908) A Geography of India - George Patterson (1909) The Arts & Crafts of India & Ceylon - Ananda Coomaraswamy (1913) The Status of Women in India - Dayaram Gidumal Shahani (1889) Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture - DC … Continue reading Historical Books & Essays on India