This space I inhabit
Is neither here nor there
Hot and cold don’t exist here
Neither do dark and light

All encompassing, all embracing nothingness

There’s no logic more purer,
Though what it is I couldn’t say
This space is void
So I cannot show you the way
Emotions have their place
Though not here now
Now doesn’t really make sense,
What else is there?
Where will I escape to
When there’s nothing but me
There’s no despair
Neither hope, nor fear
For what needs are these
When they haven’t come into being
Timeless I could call it, eternal
Though there is no time

I am infinite
I am nothing
I don’t really exist
I simply Am


Yash Chheda


Endless Ease…

Endless ease...

Why worry? Go with the flow of life, and everything will be taken care of for you… Ps: Meditation helps, & load up on your magnesium :p

My Manifesto For Life

Breathe. Slow down. Take a break. Take care of yourself. Play a little. Enjoy the sunlight. Get wet in the rain. Pet a dog. Give a kid a piggy back ride. Look at things a little more closely. Really listen to someone. Feel the music. Travel as much as you can. Accumulate experiences as opposed to things. Make more friends. Cultivate relationships. Read something everyday. Learn something new. Filter the stream of information coming at you. Avoid news media. Make a bucket list. Think about why you added something to the bucket list. Learn to dance. Learn a new language. Stretch and yawn. Meditate. Nurture your inner geek. Create something. Draw. Doodle. Smile at a stranger. Break something. Sit in solitude. Be loud and noisy sometimes. Eat real foods. Eat junk food sometimes. Walk. Hike in the woods. Be the first person up. Stay up late talking on the phone. Spend the whole day playing video games. Clean the room. Don’t clean so much. Wake up late. Spend the whole day in bed…with someone. Laze about. Daydream. Learn to lucid dream. Say thank you. Say sorry. Don’t care about what others say. Don’t apologise for yourself. Sit in nature. Swim in the ocean. Learn to surf. Have a snowball fight. Tease someone. Pinch a girl. Pull her hair. Then give her a present. Be more present. Buy new shoes. Give away your old shoes. Start saving money. Disconnect from social media for a week. Run a marathon. Fail to finish it first time around. Finish a half marathon. Pick up a music instrument. Write a song for someone you love. Actually sing it, even if you suck. Especially if you suck. Read this from time to time. Find ways to destress. Say fuck you to cultural and societal norms. Back off a little if others can’t handle it. Avoid drama. Create a little drama when appropriate. Help an old lady with her shopping bags. Volunteer for something. Donate to something anonymously. Party the night away. Flirt with a stranger. Complain less. Be more patient. Forgive yourself if you throw a tantrum. Make some friends from other parts of the world. Make a bunch of money. Live in another country. Throw away some stuff. Simplify. Get in touch with your body. Be more sensual. Take a cold shower. Be cheesy.

Make your own manifesto.