Creativity, Nature & The Importance of being Idle

Sitting among trees or other natural settings seems to set up certain pattern of neural firing, what is termed as an alpha-wave dominant states by some, a state of active relaxation where creativity & introspective thoughts are enhanced.
I also consider this as the default idling state of the human brain, & necessary to spend large amounts of time in daily for healthy long-term mental & emotional wellbeing.
Key word, Daily.
We cannot abuse our limited cognitive capacity for extended periods of time & expect to schedule this mental decluttering during weekends or yearly meditation retreats.
Just like eating, sleep & hydration, this is a profoundly important daily habit, though unfortunately unrecognised by most of our hyperactive modern society, which has the capability of transforming your sense of wellbeing, productivity, happiness & peace of mind.
Modern life seldom allows this kind of undirected, unscheduled time for ourselves, or others.
It has become even worse since the advent of the cellphone, & all but destroyed our last vestiges of privacy when the smartphone & ‘always connected’ messaging apps were invented.
While amazing for commerce & Information sharing, on a personal, individual level, this has been nothing short of devastating, the results of which are only now becoming apparent.
The biggest losers in this is the current generation which grew up on social media, who were the scapegoats of this large-scale human psychological experiment.
There are two aspects of this issue:
1. People act differently when they’re being watched, or think they’re being watched.
2. When external validation becomes the primary way in which your sense of self develops, your self esteem, confidence & drive suddenly become subject to the whims & winds of whatever is trending, & who or whatever your fickle social circle deems is important or cool at the moment.

10 Things I Learnt Living Away From Civilisation For A Month

Dehradun Woods Panorama

A Panorama of the forest


Beam me up, Scotty!


Nature Divine


Coniferous Dreams


Beautiful clouds


Electricity Pole & Sunset


Sun & Shadow

Haridwar Railway Station

And at the adventure’s end

If you can’t live in solitude, you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Make this a priority.

It’s fun to cut nails with a pair of scissors.

Boy, can those scissors hurt.

You can just bite your nails off. Nail cutters are optional.

Cities are overrated.

You can be in a peaceful place, but not have peace in yourself.

Humans evolved to live in silence, and among nature.

Stress is easier to release away from noise.

I have the greatest 24 hour entertainment system right in my backyard, The woods!

Try rising and sleeping with the Sun, and see your creativity, productivity and happiness soar.

Wild animals deserve respect and caution, even the little ones. Especially the little ones. (this you’ll understand when you get the shit scared of you by a tiny little monkey.)

You can easily live without electricity, without much inconvenience, except entertainment.

Having Internet is essential.

The reason so many people like me born in an urban environment are stuck there, is because we were born in virtual slavery. To the industrial food chain, and the big corporations. This dependence disappears if you grow your own food. As soon as you have your own backyard garden supporting you most of the year round, all your fears about money will disappear.

Organic, naturally grown food tastes soooo much better.

You can have your own “food forest” supporting you all year round, with ZERO maintenance, weeding, pest control, digging or gardening, except for the initial burst of effort. Look up permacuture.

The colder the climate, the cuter the girls get. I don’t know how that works. Maybe cold thermogenesis. Does not apply to completely urbanised places, because of the shit “food”. Tl;dr : Guys and girls, if you want to look hot, eat good food.

Look up the no soap and the “no poo method”.  Look up the history of daily soap and shampoo use. This only applies to cooler climates, not hot and humid ones.

If you stop using soap and start just washing with water, you stink waaay less. Previous disclaimer applies.

Guys, stop carrying your cell phone in your pants pocket.

You can easily live without a cell phone and a daily fix of social media.

Weed is available everywhere, in every region of the world. And people everywhere love it. They have an affinity for it. Maybe having to do with it’s role in human evolution *conjecture alert* (along with Seafood) as being the impetus for increase in human brain size.

On a few days, the hardest decision I had to make was choosing between sleeping and meditating.

When you have to, you learn to fix and make stuff yourself very quickly.

Local villagers and small town people have a collective folk wisdom that is *very* useful. Learn as much as you can from them.

Some of my best creative work came when I was completely isolated.

Okay, if you made it this far, you realise this is much more than 10 things.

If there’s anything you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment below. 🙂

Yash Chheda