Prairie Grass & Sky

Prairie Grass & Sky

The sun as it’s setting behind some tall prairie grass


Lo!  Harken at the moon

Lo!  Harken at the moon

Not an unyielding mass of granite, 
Rather a fluid agent, like the rhythmic
Gently rising and falling tides

The antithesis to the sun, 
And just as indispensable

For how many sailors have navigated, 
By its cool still light on a clear sky
How many generations has it watched over, 
Of wolves, their presiding deity?

Just as the sun is man personified, 
Fierce, unyielding, scorching with
A fiery wrath

So is the moon the embodiment of the feminine, 
Cool, gentle, ever patient, ever loving

From the dry brush of the savannah,
To the farther most polar seas
It is known throughout the Earth 
By everyone man and beast
And Oaks and pines and conifers 
Though they have not eyes to see
Though they feel it’s cool warmth
Upon their weatherbeaten trunks

As the hot noonday sun beats
mercilessly upon my skin
The moon applies the salve, soothing 
Preparing me for another day of toil

Even as the sun graces not
Certain parts with its gilden light, 
The ever changing, ever gentle Goddess Luna
Heeds everyone, mighty and slight.

– Yash Chheda